Giveaways, or what we usually call free gifts, are one of the most amazing marketing strategies that any store owners could ever think of when they have to deal with holiday incentives.

Familiar as they may seem, giveaways attract customers in a very impressive yet effective way, that is, by targeting the customers’ feeling of do-own-more. Therefore, customers start to buy more just in order to get more. Not just that, giveaways also show your generosity and appreciation in the most specific and thoughtful way ones can possibly imagine.


However, to run a giveaway might not be something as easy as you think. Many stores have so far failed to reach customers’ attention and eventually, their businesses can even be led to the edge of bankruptcy.

So, the very important question is how to carry out your giveaways successfully and really bring back profit in the end?

The answer is keeping you yourself from making mistakes, specially these 4 crucial mistakes I’m just about to show you!

Wait no longer, let’s get started!

1.     Wrong time

Not every time of the year is suitable for your giveaways. Providing you run your free gifts all year around, the result may, unexpectedly, be the feeling of ordinary. Why? It’s simple. Whenever you can get something too easily and usually, you will, not surprisingly, take it for granted.

So, running your free gift program for an unreasonably long period of time can also mean that you are making allowance for your customers’ showing no respect or appreciation to your gifts. On the whole, you’ve just thrown away an amazing chance to create effects that will generate the feelings of owing which customers have toward you. It is one of two psychological pressures that can make your customers return the favor and guide them to keep on buying from you.

Moreover, too much free gifts for too long time may have a negative impact. That is, they can depreciate the value of your brand and even create price sensitivity, especially in the present situation when now customers always expect the sales or giveaways instead of paying full price for your products. Trust me; this can hurt your business dramatically.

Therefore, start to ask yourself the question “Is this time of the year suitable?” “How long is just enough?”

Giveaways should be functioned in special occasions and really special occasions only. It can be a holiday season, a festival or a store’ birthday week, etc. Anyway, just remember “Less is more” and sometimes scarcity creates excitement.

2.     No theme

Have you ever felt your giveaways are a little bit soulless?


Such story inevitably happens when customers receive your gifts but don’t actually know the fact that those gifts are for promotion. As I’ve said earlier, don’t let them take your gifts – your goodwill for granted. Every incentive needs a good spirit in order to truly captivate customers’ attention as well as to give them amazingly splendid shopping experiences.

Just put up some banners, show promotion messages or even better, come up with your own very catchy and signature slogans together with interesting decoration for your stores. You will soon see how just a simple act can put your customers in a heaven-like experience.

3.     Undesirable gifts

If no one wants your product, will they want it for free?

Giveaway is no way to be considered a chance for you to throw off your inventory or “left-over”. Remember, on the contrary, it should be great time for appreciation and owing. And, in fact, if no one wants your products, telling them they can have those products for free won’t change their mind. People don’t owe you anything just because you’re giving something away for them.

Therefore, you should come up with a really good list of gifts and presents. They should have good quality as well as be usable for customers to actually try and experience. There is also the need of a gorgeously huge and luxury gift to be the grant prize which will be given to the customer with the biggest shopping order, for example. Show them your diversity in the free gifts list and motivate them to try harder and buy more. In the end, there will be for sure a raise in your profit.

4.     Unconscious of financial issue

That is the most common financial problem that many store owners may have to struggle with when they are too ambitious with the free gifts incentives. There is a fact anyone should know. That is free gifts programs don’t directly profit you. In short term, they even cost you more since you have to pay bills for the gifts you’ve bought.

So, what you need to do is carefully calculating all the money you spend and the money you can get. Do a math and see whether you really gain something from your planned incentive or not. If capital is one of your weaknesses that can’t be made up by other strengths of yours, I recommend you to thoroughly rethink about running a free gift program.


In the end, when it comes to doing business, each of your acts should be able to bring about profit, either in short term or long term.

As you know, MageWorld is always famous for amazingly hottest Magento Extensions, one of which is Magento Reward Points Pro. But from now on, you will remember us with another Magento Extension. Let me introduce you the great and splendid Magento Free Gift Pro. This Magento Module allows you to give free gifts to reward customers’ purchases. With the functions helping you to set flexible rules (for example, buy X get Y, etc) of your own, you can set the beginning as well as the ending days of your free gift programs. No chance of forgetting. Also, this Magento Extension creates a wonderful spirit for your programs and attracts customers by attaching labels, showing promotion messages and banners. How great, isn’t it!

That not the end of it. A new update is also included in this Magento Module for you to track your program statistic more easily by displaying order values and free gift values on line charts. Moreover, Free Gift Pro also gives you a tool of social sharing button on the shopping cart. Now, your free gift programs can be spread and known by many more people.

To learn more about this Magento Extension, watch the Introduction Video.

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