In 2014, e-commerce revenues in holiday season are projected to account for 72.41 billion U.S. dollars, a 16.6 percent increase from the previous year (about 62.11 billion USD in 2013). In order to achieve this purpose, what should the ecommerce store owners do to enhance their holiday online marketing?

You want to develop holiday campaigns, yet you have no ideas to make it possible to attract customers’ attention. People are enjoying and celebrating these holidays but they are not far away from online marketing. How can you be an excellent successful online marketer in holiday season? Let us give you four important tips and ideas for your holiday online marketing which will surely be helpful for your marketing campaigns.

1.                 Offer promotion program

There are many offers to promote customers and increase sales for your stores, however the best way in this holiday season is “Free Gifts”. Because these programs will help you personalize your product and brand in order to maintain customers’ loyalty. We suggest Magento Free Gift Pro-an automatic free gift program by MageWorld is one of the most efficient tools for ecommerce store owners. If you are a customer, are you interested with messages like “Buy X get Y free” or “Buy 3 items get Y free”? The Magento Extension-Free Gift Pro can help ecommerce stores do this.

In addition to the interesting messages or banners, designing rules for a promotion program is extremely important in gain customers’ engagement. Let’s see some typical rules of the Magento Module such as

  • Support flexible catalog and shopping cart rule: the free gift will be automatically added to the cart and the customer has the option of choosing a free product from the shopping cart.
  • Show free gift label, details on the category or product page and gift selection box on the shopping cart
  • Show promotion message or banner on the shopping cart like “spend $500, get free gift” or “Buy a computer get a mouse free”

Moreover, a good promotion cannot prolong in long time because it makes customers bored and they feel it is unnecessary to receive gift. Magento Free Gift Pro can limit time as well as a volume of gifts which customers will get. This is one of the outstanding features of the modules in assisting store ads. You can set a limit to how many customers get how many free gifts, aiming at increasing consumption of products in product cycle. Set countdown for every particular product or brand. This will build interest in buyers and they will try to avail it as soon as possible but be sure that the offers should be appealing.


2.                 Spread your promotions

Planning a social spreading strategy is extremely important in your promotion online marketing program. Social networks such as Google +, Facebook, Email, Twitter, etc are useful tools to spread your brand name and boost your sales. Therefore, store owners can see how customers care about your products and programs by their shares, likes and comments on social networks.

By using upgraded Magento Free Gift Pro version, store owner can enable and disable for social sharing via Google+, Twitter, Facebook, etc. In addition to this function, the Magento Extension shows social sharing buttons on the shopping cart rather than other programs.

Your products are good but customers may not know about this. However, by spreading your products and store image on social network, you can increase customers’ belief and loyalty.

Discover other feature of Free Gift Pro on Magento Connect to know more about this feature.

3.                 Prepare contents for holiday season

Contents for holiday season are things customers base on to evaluate whether your online marketing program is good or bad. Design and personalize the contents of holidays that are more closed to customers to attract their attention through Blog, Email, cards, video, etc.

Nevertheless they cannot help you grow sales directly, they will enhance your brand awareness and product images. It is a reason why you have to plan detailed and interesting contents, especially in holiday season

See more Free Gift Pro in Introduction Video

4.                 Check effect of program – Have adjustment on time

Magento Free Gift Pro also provides new functions which other free gift programs cannot. The program helps Magento store owners follow the process of giving free gift and orders of customers and value of free gifts by using visual report such as table and line chart.

  • Using line chart to display order value and Free gift value
  • Using table to show statistics of total order value, total gift value, average gift value per customer and average gift value per order

visual report

Besides, store owners also use other promotion programs by MageWorld like Magento Reward Points Pro which offers points for customers if they can match enough conditions of purchasing products. Then the points can be converted into suitable products.

Let’s join with wonderful features of Magento Free Gift Pro now

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