Magento Abandoned Cart Email Extension by MageWorld is an effective tool  to reduce abandoned cart rate and speed up sales for your online store. There are some main points that make it help the client:

1. Increase Conversion Rate:

Automatically send abandoned cart emails within minutes of abandoned cart. Customer can restore cart with just 1 click.

2. Improve Customer Relationships:

+ Send out multiple abandoned cart emails for different events on your schedule and cancel pending emails if your conditions are met.

3. Boost Your Sales:

+ Motivate customers to purchase with integrated coupons, cross-sell and up-sell products.

4. Evaluate Campaigns Performance Easily:

+ Show the effectiveness of abandoned cart email campaigns

+ Support tracking follow up email campaign performance by Google Analytics

And here are some features of  Abandoned Cart Email Extension :

+ Send abandoned cart reminder emails per customer event
+ Supported Events: Abandoned Cart Appeared, New Order Placed, Order Processing, Order Completed, Order Updated, Order Closed, Order Cancelled, New Customer Signed Up, Customer Account Updated
+ Manage flexible rules
+ Schedule multiple emails per event
+ Cancel pending emails if other events happened
+ Set conditions to send email
+ Send emails to subscribers only
+ Send emails to moderators only
+ Set detail sender per rule
+ Send test emails easily
+ Manage email queue
+ Supports both newsletter templates and transaction emails template
+ Auto-login for customers come back via direct link to view shopping cart or order detail
+ Avoid sending the same email within defined time
+ Define when abandoned cart appeared (Time set by admin)
+ Avoid sending the same email within defined time
+ Allow customers to unsubscribe easily by a link automatically generated in follow up email

That’s all the features of  Magento Abandoned Cart Email Extension, you can consult if you consider that it can bring some benefits for you.

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