For store owners, the most outstanding trends of marketing are rewarding customers and giving free gifts.

Magento is the fastest growing ecommerce platform on the market today. It’s very robust, flexible, and completely customizable. In addition to lots of useful features, you can add a wide variety of tools to further enhance performance. With hope to help you run Loyalty Campaign on Magento stores more effectively, MageWorld supports you with 2 excellent tools: Magento Reward Points Pro and Magento Free Gift Pro.

1. Reward Points Pro – Create A Low Cost Loyalty Program

In reality, the world of ecommerce is very competitive and requires many brilliant customer services. A customer loyalty program can become one of the most effective methods to drive sales for an ecommerce site. For this reason, MageWorld creates Magento Reward Points Pro for supporting you to build a loyalty program at a low cost. By providing an automatic reward points system for customer activities on your e-commerce website, and then these points are redeemed for discounts, this Magento extension can help you build an effective and costly loyalty programs.


With using Magento Reward Points Pro for your website, you can get many great following features:

Features for your Customers:

  • Reward Customer Behaviors: your customers can earn points from some behaviors such as registering, logging in, posting product reviews, voting in a poll, sharing on their facebook…
  • Reward Customer Purchases: Reward points to Customers based on Catalog rule, shopping cart rule or configured rule.
  • Use Reward Points: These points can be exchanged to money and your customers can use them to buy products in the next time or send points to their friends.
  • Track Reward Points: customers who use your website can also track their reward points in many places or review detail awarded points in shopping cart page.
  • Allow Customers to invite as well as share with their friends about your web stores.
  • Manage earnings rules: allow you to create flexible catalog rules, set and import reward points in bulk for specific product manually via CSV, create flexible shopping cart rules or set reward points for customer behavior
  • Track and manage customer rewards points: Recently, MageWorld adds a new feature – Visual Report – that allow Total rewarded points and redeemed points to be displayed by line chart/table and Percentages of rewarded points for different groups of rewarded activities (Purchase, Signup, Review, Referral, etc.) to be shown on pie chart/table
  • Manage spending rules.

Features for store owners

With many new features and effective tools, Magento Reward Points Pro of our Magento development company is the best choice to speed up your brand through a loyalty program.

2. Free Gift Pro – Boost your sales through special promotions

Magento Free Gift Pro extension by MageWorld offers an effective promotion way which allows you to give customers free gifts for specific product or whole order. The extension supports flexible rules on catalog and shopping cart with many useful options. Start discovering this Magento module and see how wonderful it is!

free gift

Features for your customers

  • Customers can choose free gifts when rules are matched
  • Free gifts are auto-added to cart: when customers get something free, they’ll receive a notification of automatically adding the free gift together with main product.
  • Display Free Gift label on catalog page
  • Limit the number of customers receiving free gifts ( First 50 customers)
  • Set priority for every rule
  • Allow store owners to set up flexible gifting rules

Features for store owners

Buy X Get Y Free

Buy 3 Items Get Y Free

Free Gift with Category or Brand

Spend $500, Get Free Gift

  • Show promotion message/banner on the shopping cart

As a store owner, you can let customers see a new promotion. For examples, when Christmas is coming, you can show your customers a message: “Merry Xmas! Sales 10% off for all products!”. It’s very useful to increase your sales in holiday season.

  • Reward Free gift with flexible catalog and shopping cart rules

Magento Free Gift Pro allows store owners to set up gifts for each type of product and follow a specific rule.

With catalog rule, you can set gifted rule based on product. Free Gift extension helps you create a new rule with the most convenient options. Even, you can choose a customer group for each rules or set time for promotions in a flexible way. As soon as you choose gift to reward customers from list, save and apply the rule, you’ll immediately see your promotions displaying on frontend. When customers buy products, free gift which is displayed on Product page with full promotional conditions will be auto-updated.

On the other hand, with shopping cart rule, Free Gift Pro allows you to create or manage free gift promotions with conditions based on shopping cart.

  • Add coupon code for Free Gift
  • Order Value and Free Gift Value are displayed in line chart (NEW)
  • Statistics of total order value, total gift value, average gift value per customer, average gift value per Order are shown on table (NEW)
  • Social Sharing can be enabled and disabled ( Google+, Twitter, Facebook) (NEW)
  • Show social sharing buttons on the shopping cart.
  • Easy to install and upgrade
  • Flexible and friendly configuration
  • Multiple stores with multiple languages
  • HTML/CSS validation
  • Easy to customize Front-end via HTML/CSS
  • 100% open-source

New features

Other highlighted features

If you are running a Magento website, we offer a wide variety of Magento extensions, which has been proved as powerful tools to help your Customer Loyalty Program run smoothly and much more effectively such as Magento Reward Points Pro, Magento Free Gift Pro, etc. In comparison with other suppliers, MageWorld brings to you Reward Points Pro & Free Gift Pro at a reasonable cost that is extremely worth to your money. By some activities, you can save up to 500$ when buying Magento Extension on MageWorld. Only with 246$, you will have Reward Points Pro free installed with services including lifetime free upgrade and support until you get satisfaction.

You can see some reviews about our Magento extensions from customers on Magento Connect or discover by Introduction Video

Get Magento Reward Points Pro and Magento Free Gift Pro now to strengthen your Loyalty Campaigns!

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