Deriving from the desire to provide the best extensions to increase customer’s sales, Magento extensions are constantly working so hard to develop and upgrade the extensions to make it better and better. The newly updated version of Magento Ajax Cart Pro offers store owners numerous expected features, which definitely satisfy online shoppers and help to increase sales.


Besides many options to set up the general, notification block, display settings, the newly updated version supports the confirmation block with the display of related products, cross-sell products and up-sell products. With this feature, Magento Ajax Cart Pro Extension does not only bring good shopping experience to customers, but it is also a marketing tool to improve your sales.

Check out Ajax Cart Pro introduction video.

Let’s discover this upgrade version of Magento Ajax Add to Cart!

1. Confirmation pop-up window:

The final goal of any business is to bring the greatest value to customers and have maximum profit. You know that acquiring a new customer costs you 5 times as much as retaining a current customer. Hence, the easiest way to increase sales dramatically is to sell more to someone who have already purchased.

Up-sell and cross-sell are great strategies for you to increase sales of your Magento store. The effective up – sell and cross-sell can bring such values as increase regular order totals, conversion rates and exposure to higher margin items and best sellers.

With Magento Ajax Add to Cart Pro, up-sell and cross-sell becomes easy to implement with Magento stores. The extension enables to customize the confirmation pop-up window which appears after adding products to cart or adding products to compare or wish list. It helps you boost sales by displaying related products, cross-sell and up-sell products. By this way, Magento Ajax Add to Cart does not only bring wonderful shopping experience to customers, but it also a tool to improve your sales.

2. More display settings

The newly upgraded version of Magento Ajax Cart Pro is fully customizable with more setting options including general, notification block, confirmation block, display settings.

The notification box will appear in several seconds for customers to track adding product progress, and admin can customize the position of it with multiple choices such as bottom right, bottom left, top left, top right, center left, center right. This ensures that notification block position will be absolutely fit your website template.  Administrator can limit the notification delay time as well.

Importantly, the module supports responsive design and most custom themes. Besides, you can customize theme and color in the back end as well.


For more guiding on how to configure this module, check out Ajax Cart Pro Video Tutorial

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