In the recent years, Email marketing is one of the fastest growing trends in customer acquisition. It is not surprising, when  follow up email appears, it created a connection between the retailers and the customers that they can easily and conveniencely exchange.

The Follow Up Email extension is a perfect solution that provides comprehensive functionality to create highly targeted custom emails to fit your business demands. With the Followup email extension, the web-store owners can easily create custom email templates with both static and dynamic information.

The below is some specific features of  Followup email extension:

+ Manage promotional rules: Create flexible promotional rules and sent via email according to different user activities to let them know their value and to increase their loyalty with your business. These rules can easily be attached with the rules already defined by you for shopping cart.

+ Increase customer managed relationship with the recent customers: With the Magento Follow up email extension, you can keep a one-to-one relationship with the customers by remembering them in their happy moments and sending nicely congratulations to your customers on their birthdays and design special promotions. Furthermore, you can keep in touch with your customers by having constant feedback and followup through emails.

+ Converted abandoned cart into sales: The store owners can recapture their abandoned cart and then get in touch with the customers with incomplete order, drop them an abandoned cart email, offer discounts by creating promotional rules and drive them to complete their order.

+ Review and track the followup email via log: You can keep a track of which are sent and which are to be sent on upcoming events or any customer related activity. Furthermore, you can also track the customer events on your store and design followup emails accordingly.

+ Use Follow up email to the core – get maximum out of it: With this extension, you can attract customers by sending followup emails on special occasions like birthdays, thanks giving, Christmas or any others. You can generate discount coupons that can be sent via emails to increase your sales.

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