Do you notice that Christmas is coming? Importantly, it will be an occasion in which you can increase your revenue. Of course, you have to make up a detailed plan based on market research to build up an appropriate strategy aiming at boosting sales at the right time. To get customer loyalty and have sales increased, you can use many ways of rewarding customer, and free gift campaign always demonstrates as one of the best ways.

If you have intention to launch a giveaways campaign, let’s consider Magento Free Gift Pro and carefully pay attention to the following guide as it will help you achieve your sales target in special events such as Christmas.

1.     Define your target customer

This is the initial and crucial step. Your store may serve many types of customers but you should localize your biggest or the most important customer segment. Do you know the rule 80/20? This rule states that the 20% of your products, customers or staff actually create 80% of your company profit. Hence, it can be implied that you should focus on the group that you think they generate the most profit.

Besides, identify your target customer helps you to do a better market research or survey because your customer base is restricted. As a result, a good market research enables you to have a basis to develop perfect marketing strategies.

2.     Choose types of free gifts

Right after defining your target customers, you should bear in mind which types of free gift to reward them. It’s obvious that each group of customers has different interests so treat them as individual can earn a positive result. So, besides offering customers with a wide range of products, offering them with a wide range of free gifts is also important. Crucially, do not forget to give them the details of the free gift as well and remember that customers will choose to buy in the store that provides them with diverse selections.


Proudly to tell you that our product, Magento Free Gift Pro from MageWorld has enough features to help you by:

  • Show free gift label and details on the category / product page
  • Show free gift selection box on the shopping cart
  • Auto-add free gift to cart when customer add the main product to cart
  • Auto-update the quantity of free gift when customer update the quantity of main product in shopping cart
  • Allow customer to select free gift from the shopping cart when a rule is matched

Let’s get to know us via our introduction video!

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3.     Set up rules and guidelines

You came up with the types of gifts that should be offered and now, your duty is setting up proper rules. You should create some flexible rules and many conditions for customers to meet. Be sure that you rules are easy enough for customers to understand.

Along with Magento Reward Points Pro aiming at building a rewards-based program, MageWorld also introduces Free Gift Pro as a effective tool to help customer build giveaways campaign.

When using Magento Free Gift Pro as a tool to support your campaign, you can create many flexible rules based on catalogue, shopping cart and even total purchase such as:

  • Reward free gift for products of $500 and above when sharing on social media.
  • Reward free gift for Buy X Get Y
  • Reward free gift for Buy 3 items, Get 1 Free
  • Reward free gift for all furniture products (reward on category).
  • Reward free gift for all Nokia cell phones (reward on brand).
  • Reward free gift for products of $500 and above (reward on product price / attributes)
  • Reward free gift for order of $1000 and more (reward on total purchase)
  • Reward free gift for order of 3 products and more (reward on order quantity)
  • And much more based on flexible catalog and shopping cart rules

Another interesting feature is that your customer will always be noticed about your promotion because the promotion message and banner are shown on the shopping cart. This will have a great influence on encouraging customers to buy more products from your store.

Besides, if you own multiple stores, you can apply individual rules for each store or site. In case, you are running multiple stores with multiple languages, Magento Free Gift Pro also can support you. So, never worry about different languages, it’s not a barrier with our product.

Lastly, I just want to emphasize that our program can help you raise the eagerness among customers by limiting the duration of the promotion and the number of free gifts. For every rule, you can set a limitation to how many customers get a free gift, i.e. only the first 50 customers will get a free gift and an active date can be set for each rule.

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4.     Track the result

Like doing anything, when completing a mission, you have to sum up the result to make changes or draw a lesson for the future. Running a free gift program also requires to track the result, which can be very useful for the following marketing campaign. With the gained result, store owner can evaluate the success and even the weak points of the existing campaign and then some adjustments or renews could be made up to complete it or become a basis to draw a better marketing strategy in the next time.

With the appearance of Free Gift Pro, managing has never been easier than today.

In details, Free Gift Pro allows showing order value and free gift value per day in line chart. This visual report is really easy to understand and convenient to manage.


Apart from the line chart, Free Gift Pro also provide a table which displays the detailed statistic about total order and gift value, average gift value per customer and average gift value per order.

You must be curious to discover the newly updated Free Gift Pro now!

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