As you all know, together with images, news is an indispensable part of a website. The content and organization of news determines if your site can receive a large number of viewers and buyers or not. In today’s competitive market, that a shop owner does not know how to manage news reasonably and professionally makes his site fall behind other competitors. Understanding this fact, MageWorld created an effective tool to manage news professionally – the Magento CMS Pro extension.

With 100% open source, the Magento CMS Pro is designed to meet all requirements related to news management of shop owners. Firstly, it allows shop owners to professionally organize their shop news according to specific categories and sub-categories with unlimited levels. Multiple news categories are also supported. Secondly, this useful extension supports featured news block in the homepage and latest news block in the sidebar. Besides, it also enables you to upload images for each news article, improving the overall look and effect of your website. Accordingly, viewers and buyers who visit your site will instantly feel pleased when seeing featured news and latest news with appropriate images in the homepage and sidebar respectively. In addition, related products are allowed to be added to news articles and to be placed in the sidebar, while related news blocks are shown in the product page and news page.

Moreover, shop owners are able to adjust the position to the left or to the right of blocks like search box, latest news, related products, related news blocks and to add tags for news articles. Customers and guests who visit your site can comment on news and these comments are shown on the news detail page. This Magento CMS Pro also supports multiple stores and languages and supports URL friendly and META tags to effectively increase SEO. Besides, the category menu can be adjusted flexibly: you can choose the dropdown menu in the top and the dropdown or vertical menu in the left or the right sidebar. The easy back-end management allows you to organize your news easily and quickly. Finally, this wonderful tool is undoubtedly easy to install, use and update with friendly and flexible configuration, making you feel carefree about your service and focus more on your product quality.

In brief, the CMS Pro extension is the best solution for the management of news. Now you just have to prepare your news articles and images and let this amazing extension do the rest. And don’t forget that Magento extensions always provide you the best tools and supports for your business!

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