Holiday season is always a great opportunity for any stores to boost sales, attract new customers and gain significant raise in their profits.holidaySeason

However, there is a common knowledge that not all store owners perfectly complete the goals they’ve always wished to achieve. Too many stores with thousands of different incentive programs opened for customers actually lead to a tragedy fact that only the very big, glamorous or incredibly special stores receive customers’ attention.

So, how to make yours one of these special stores?

How to make your stores standout from others this holiday season?

Wait no more, let me show you some tips!

1.     A theme for your glamorous store decoration

Only once in a year when you really have the most proper reason to give your store a whole new make-over, then, why don’t you make it really fun, entertaining and attractive?

Starting with the theme, try to come up with a special theme for your store. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box. Trust me, the more creative your ideas are, the more customers will be attracted to your stores.

Now they are here, what next do you need to make them stay instead of just walking through after seeing your stores? You should attract them with banners and slogans. It’s simple, right? But, don’t you forget, they should be catchy and easy to remember in the best way possible. However, don’t put too much information in the banner and turn it into a description board, keep it short and simple. That’s how your customers will be curious and walk in to discover more in your stores.

Finally, there is a small tip that, I think, will do you great this holiday season. How about decoration with a mascot? Hide a man to dress up in a special costume, a Santa Clause outfit, for example. This guy’s duties are unique yet truly important. He will stand in front of your stores teasing and having fun with customers. You may also assign him the responsibility to hand out free balloons to small children. In any cases, his ultimate goal is to guide, attract and introduce customers or even people walking in the sidewalk to your stores. You may see this work to be useless but trust me, sometimes people don’t mean to buy your products at first glance but once they’ve got into the stores, they will start to actually be drawn into.


2. Special incentive programs

Incentive programs are definitely needed in any holiday season. A good incentive program shows your customers your genuine appreciation to their entire year shopping with you. It also tells them how much you care and pay attention to the job of lightening up their holiday shopping season.

There are many kinds of special incentive programs that you can use to make your stores really outshine others.

Let’s make a list, shall we?

  • Discount program

Discount works in the way of directly cutting off some certain percent in customers’ bills. This means they just pay less money but still receive products as the whole. What a great shopping experience!

Don’t hesitate to raise the percent of your discount to a pretty high level, and you will soon see a significant change in both your sales and your profits. Come on, we don’t have holiday season all year around, do we?

  • Free gift

Many stores may have already used this kind of incentive programs, but trust me, they’ve never been old and boring. In fact, free gift programs could be considered as one of the best marketing strategies for any holiday season. By making customers feel that they buy one but get more, these programs boost sales and attract customers to keep on shopping for more from your stores to get gifts. Also, free gift programs provide you a great opportunity to indirectly advertise the gifts which are also your products for you. Simply understood, once customers have experienced free trials of your products, there are better chances they completely see and realize their true value. In the end, they will start to buy the products that once were free gifts from you.

To make your free gift programs really standout, there is probably nothing better than getting for yourself a good Magento Extension which will help you manage everything much more easily. How about MageWorld’ splendid Magento Free Gift Pro?freegift_2

Free Gift Pro is an amazing Magento Module that helps you create free gift programs with flexible rules of your own. You can also limit the amount of free products given out or the specific group of people to join your incentive programs to motivate and satisfy your customers better. Moreover, our developers here have just updated some new functions. Now you can display order values and free gift values on line charts, so it’s surprisingly easy for you to track the result of your programs. How cool isn’t it?

Learn more about this wonderful Magento Extension of our Magento development company on Magento Connect and through Introduction Video.

Experience Magento Free Gift Pro Live Demo!

  • Reward points

If you always worry whether the customers will like your product gifts or not or you’ve done so several researches of different kinds as well as collected huge amount of customer databases but still, you feel so insecure, let me give you an idea of points rewarding. This holiday season, why don’t you consider giving your customers the gifts of free points? These points can be accumulated to use in their next purchases or send to friends as a holiday presents. Now, you’ve let them buy a gift for themselves, choose whatever they want that match their taste. So, what could possibly go wrong!


To run your reward points programs to perfection, you should try Mage World hottest Magento Extension-Magento Reward Points Pro. It’s an amazing Magento Module which allows you to create your programs with your own and flexible rules. Many others great functions, one of which visual report, are still waiting for you to give them a try.

Discover Reward Points Pro through its Live Demo!

3.     Customer service with caring and perfection

Holiday season is the very occasion when your amount of work may be greater than ever. You have to do your store decoration, intensively advertise your products, ship orders as well as run your incentive programs. There will truly be a ton of things for you to handle.

As you may see, this huge amount of work may, doubtlessly, lead to a bad result which is none of those tasks we’ve mentioned were handled with enough caring and perfection as usual. Many stores start to deal with criticisms like bad timing, late delivery or impolite gestures of staff in the stores.

So, how to stop yourself from crumbling under the holiday pressure?

How to avoid making those same mistakes?

Just an open mind together with a little bit of love and caring for your job and you will make your stores standout with the great reputation built up from even smallest details of polite and careful customer services.

What you need to do is carefully calculating the timing, delivery and the amount of traffic. Once you can foresee all of the problems and circumstances, you can list them out and get well prepared to face and solve them when they start to happen. But the most important thing is to keep positive attitude among your staff. Always remind them to treat your customers with care and politeness. Trust me; sometimes just some small words like “Thank you for shopping with us!” can do you great.


This holiday season, try to create special or even-better-than-usual customer services, you will scream a very good impression to your customers. For example, you can shorten the time of your delivery in order not to waste your customers’ precious time. Or you may try to run a special personal customer services to better the experience of being the only one to get a service reward:

  • Offer expedited shipping
  • Provide faster customer service response times
  • Charge no fee though you’ve complete for your customers a rush and irregular job
  • Create special sales, offers and events for a specific group

Have fun making your stores really standout as the best ones this holiday season!

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