Holiday season is coming and all business is ready to run a big and successful incentive campaign.giveaways

What about you, have you been ready?

Giveaway, in my opinion, is one of the most important and best way to run your incentives. Carefully consider any circumstances, any “good” or “bad” things which can possibly happen will surely help you a lot in deciding whether what to do and enasure a great success.

So, if you are bound to run a free gift incentive, start to ask yourself the question

“Is it good or bad to run giveaways?”

Giveaways may be bad…

…if you don’t carefully get yourself well-prepared for different circumstances.

There are “4 crucial mistakes that destroy giveaways”, which are no timing, no proper themes, useless gifts and financial issues, respectively. These are something you definitely should avoid when planning for your programs.

Still, giveaways have some problems of their own that you should carefully take into thorough consideration.


  • Giveaways aren’t for everyone and aren’t good ideas for all the time, either. If you don’t choose your target market and time to launch your programs correctly, you will just end up wasting money on something that brings back no profit at all. Even worse, when you run free gift programs too often with no limitation, you yourself are ruining your brand by depreciating its value.
  • In fact, for short term, free gift programs actually don’t bring you back profits. On the contrary, they even cost you more since you have to pay for the gifts in advance. If you don’t well manage your capital, the income and outcome, there will be, for sure, a big financial issue waiting for you to handle in the very near future.
  • Moreover, there is the likelihood that your gifts will, sadly, be no match with your customers’ taste and desire. This can lead to a pretty sad result. That is, your gifts don’t create any feelings of satisfaction and beyond as you’ve expected. Just imagine, if customers don’t like your gifts, what else can motivate them to join your incentives and buy your products?

Giveaways could be great…

… if you know how to function and manage them properly with deep care.

Today, several researches through their helpful articles have proven a general fact that giveaways can truly attract customers’ attention and satisfy them in a new level. Also, customers who join the free gift programs can be easily put under two psychological pressures (habitual effect and owing pressure) which both, in the end, motivate them to return the favor and keep on buying from you. Not just that, giveaways can have a great number of other advantages. Some of them are:

  • Boosting sale

As what we’ve mentioned earlier, under the pressure of two psychological effects, customers will sooner or later return and keep on shopping with you. Giveaways also overwhelm customers with the feeling of satisfaction and beyond since they just pay for one but actually get two instead. This feeling of do-own-more encourages and guides them to shop for more products in order to get more free gifts. You see? A tremendously increase in your profit as well as your sales is something predictable for sure!


  • Advertising products

If your gift is exactly a product in your store, you can take these free gift programs as free trial ones too. When customers are given your free gift product and use it, there will be great chances that they realize the true value your product can bring about, love it and come back to your store to get more. This satisfying experience absolutely removes their fear of spending money on something they may not like. What a great way to indirectly advertise for your products!

  • Creating loyal customers

As the habitual effect takes its reign, your products can positively be your customers’ favorite and it is always great to see they can’t live without products from your stores.


However, there is also another effective way to create loyalty among your customers. Changing your free gifts from products to points can be considered a surprisingly great and useful idea. Points will be added automatically to customers’ accounts whenever they make actions on your websites. These points can be accumulated to use in future purchases or send to friends as a kind of gifts. In any cases, this kind of free gifts still creates an impressive affection. It directly guides your customers to the next shopping with you as well as provides them wonderful opportunities to buy something they really like with the points you’ve given them. This way, you will no longer have to worry whether your gifts suit your customers’ taste or not. It’s a win-win game for you and also for your customers.

For recommendation, try and experience MageWorld’ hottest Magento Reward Points Pro.

  • Showing appreciation

You can carry out your free gift programs in just a small and specific group, for example, a group of customers with greatest amount of purchases throughout the year, in order to show them your sincere care and appreciation. This helps you better your bond in customer relations and creates chances to actually turn these customers into loyal ones. Also, the limitation, not surprisingly, has an amazing effect which allows your customers to proclaim themselves as one of the luckiest customers to receive the gifts from you.

Finally, I will introduce you a great Magento Extension from MageWorld which will considerably make your work of managing yours programs easier and ensure the great chances of success and profitability. It’s the amazing Magento Free Gift Pro.freegift_2

This Magento Module allows you to run free gift programs to reward customers’ purchases with your very own and flexible rules. Your customers also get opportunity to freely choose the gifts as they want. This better enhances their experiences up to next and higher levels of satisfaction. Together with the function of showing promotion messages and banners, customers will be truly drawn into a holiday spirit and enjoy their shopping experiences with you even more.

Moreover, MageWorld’ developers have just recently updated several wonderful and interesting functions. You are now having the chances to track the result of your free gift programs more easily by displaying order values and free gift values in line charts and showing statistics of total order values, total gift values, average gift values per customer and also average gift values per order on tables. There is also something more. That is a social sharing button on the shopping cart for your customers to share their love and experiences to friends. How cool, isn’t it?

Discover Magento Free Gift Pro through Introduction Video and reviews on Magento Connect.

How about experiencing it yourself with Live Demo?

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