Have you ever thought about running a giveaways campaign to promote your online store’s sales? Probably, you have suspicions about the success of the campaign and you are not sure that you can get the wanted profits from the investment of a remarkable amount of money.

There is an interesting fact that the word “free” has a great power on customers just because everyone cannot resist the lure of being rewarded with a freebie which they don’t have to pay any penny to get. Indeed, free gift campaign turns out to be an effective tool for boosting sales and many enterprises have made use of this tool to gain considerable market shares. Definitely, giveaways can own inherent risks, but the benefits are numerous as well and it is obviously not a waste of money.

Do you believe in what I have said? ok, if you don’t, I will immediately show you the following great benefits of free gift campaign.

1.     Create new customers and improve customer retention.

Running a freebie campaign can develop the relationship with your potential customers. It is easy to understand because with the same amount of money, customers always decide to shop on the store that gives them the greatest benefits. Besides, if you want to broaden your customer base in a specific segment, freebie campaign can totally help you. For example, your target customer is the men between the age of 18 and 22, so you should launching a free gift campaign with appropriate gifts such as stylist men clothes, beard razor, perfume and so on.

Giveaways can support you to keep a long-term relationship with your existing customers. You can sort your customers in different groups or levels such as bronze, silver and gold customer and then when they climb to higher level you can reward them with a free gift based on the status they achieve. This not only promotes their buying activities but also causes their return on your site.

In order to reach these above goals, your store needs to be equipped with a supportive tool. With Magento Free Gift Pro, a Magento Module from MageWorld, your campaign will be perfect.


Along with Magento Reward Points Pro, Free Gift Pro is one of the best selling products of our Magento store and the original reason is that this extension provides store owner with useful features to attract new customer and increase sales as following:

  • Create motivation

By easily setting up conditions that limit number of free gifts and active date such as ” to the first 100 customers” or “free gift campaign is available for only 1 week”, you can raise the excitement among them and push them to buy your products as quick as possible.

  • Allow to share with friends

Social Sharing can be enabled and disabled (Google+, Twitter, Facebook), and social sharing buttons are shown on the shopping cart. These things will help customers to let their friends know about your store and then their friends can consider buying on your site. You can not only expand your publicity but also broaden your customer network.


  • Inspire the feeling of convenience

The free gift selection box is displayed on the shopping cart allows customers choose their right gift that fit with their using purpose and interest. Moreover, when customers add the main product to cart, the free gift is auto-added to cart as well. Whenever the rule is matched, customers can easily select gift from the shopping cart. All these features create an amazing buying experience.

2.     Small marketing budget.

If you are looking for a cheap mean of advertisement, freebie campaign is an ideal solution for you because in comparison with other methods, it appears to be the cheapest but the effect is not bad. Advertising on TV or billboard requires much time and budget but with a free gift campaign, everything is easier.

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Do you still worry about the cost for a tool to build up a free giveaways campaign? It is not a big problem when you have Magento Free Gift Pro from Mageworld. Just pay only one time to buy this tool, then you will have chance to enjoy free installation, no monthly fee, lifetime free update and support until you’re satisfied.

Moreover, you must be surprised with Free Gift Pro because:

  • The program can be installed and upgraded very easily. All you need to do is copy to use
  • Configuration is flexible and friendly which brings the convenience whenever you want to change the theme of your display.
  • Multiple stores with multiple languages are supported, so if you have multiple store with different mother languages, you still find it easily to manage your rules.

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3.     Enhance brand awareness.

A mission that every business wants to complete is to lay a deep impression on customers mind. As this mission is very difficult, a right marketing campaign at the right time is essential to the success of the brand and freebie campaign is a sound method that you should take consideration, especially when you reveal your new products. Giving free sample of your products can attract customer attention and bring them closer to your products. By providing customer with the full information and the benefits of your products, you will make the customer feel that you are very professional and at the same time leave them anxious to access to your products.

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