Magento Delivery Date is one of the extensions developed by Magento Expert will allow you handle orders seamlessly.

Online retailers, especially, large sized business owners find it extremely difficult to manage orders from the back end. Our outstanding Magento Order Delivery Date Extension will help you streamline order management processes and save a lot of time and money. This Magento Extension has been developed using the best programming practices and coding standards. That makes it convenient to manage delivery schedules both for admin and your customers.

And here are some features of this extension :

1. Features for customers :

  • Allows users to provide expected shipping arrival date.
  • Users can also write comments while placing an order from your online shop.
  • Users are  not able to select previous dates.
  • Option to display shipping arrival date and comment in order view page.
  • Display shipping arrival date and comment in order confirmation email sent to customer.

2. Features for Admin : 

  • Specify the days that are available for delivery;
  • Specify the time that is available for delivery;
  • Set minimal interval between the order and delivery date;
  • Add holidays to the calendar, so that the customers won’t be able to choose holiday dates for delivery;
  • Indicate time after which same-day delivery is unavailable;
  • Disable next day delivery;
  • Filter and sort orders by delivery date;
  • Specify delivery date and time when creating orders;
  • Enable the Delivery Date functionality for the specified product categories.
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