A basic Magento Reward Points might not be enough but with 10++ integrated plugins, you can build your own loyalty system right away with advanced features that only Reward Points Magento  has. With that utilities, Magento Reward Points  gives customers some points when they register, purchase products, share links. The extension will easily help you to convert your visitors into a loyal and profitable customers who will become your brand advocates in a short period of time, bringing you more and more potential customers.There are some useful features listed below:

1. Benifit when using Magento Reward Points:

There is no doubt about the benefits of Customer loyalty to your business. It helps you build a reward scheme where gives points for customers when doing activities on your site.

2. How Reward Points Magento works:

+ Clients can earn points in your store by signing up, purchasing, reviewing, inviting as well as sharing with their friends about your products, your web stores, etc.  When there are clicks, visits, sales to your site through referrals, clients will get points.

+ They can use the collected points to purchase in your store and get discount (because these points can be converted into money).

That’s all features Magento Reward Points bringing to the customers. Hope that it can help more for you.

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