1. At first, you should understand what attribute is

You make sense briefly that attribute is a feature of the product, it gives the characteristics that make up products … such as product code, product name, color, manufacturer.

2. How to create an attribute

Step 1: login to admin: Catalog > Attributes > Manage.

Step 2: choose Add New Attribute to fill information for attribute.For example:

Attribute code: attribute code,and this name is not duplicate.

Scope: choose attribute that is apllied for the level of store view, website and global.

Catalog Input Type for Store Owner: data type of attribute.

Value required: attribute is compulsory or not.

Input Validation for Store Owner: validation of input data attributes.

Apply to: apply for which products.

Used in Product Listing: allow to show in product website or not.

3. Use attribute that has already created

Step 1: Catalog > Attributes > Manage Attribute Sets click at Attribute set that you are using. Initial default is default ->drag the newly created attribute to the column group.

4. Some other problems when using attributes of Magento

If you want to delete an attribute. But there is no function “delete” when you edit attributes. That means the attribute is attribute system and it can’t delete

To delete attributes system you should do steps blow:

+ ->Go phpMyadmin.

+ -> Database that install Magento in your server.

+ -> eav_attribute table.

+ Browse  attribute_code and find attributes that you want to delete such as attribute system.

+ Edit the lines of the attributes.

+ Find field “is_user_defined”.

+ Put it into 1.

And now your attribute is not attribute system and you can delete it.

Good luck!

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