Most of the business people understand that a giveaway campaign is very important in making your business become attractive and gain much more customers’ attention. It’s no secret that a well-planned, cleverly executed good giveaway campaign is a worthwhile investment for your company to make. However, not all of giveaway campaigns are good. A poorly-planned and badly-managed plan can make you dissatisfied and confused. You are worrying about your giveaway campaigns which are not always so efficient and successful. Here are some troubles of ineffective promotion campaigns, and how you can avoid making the same mistakes.

1. Your goals and rules aren’t defined clearly

Each program should have a clearly defined desired outcome and goal that are monitored over time. It’s important to take the time to nail down exactly what you want your program to achieve, and what your staff can do to reach this goal.

For example, if your goal is to increase overall sales, you may reward your staff for generating extra revenue. If you are not clear about the parameters surrounding this, you may find salespeople cut corners in order to meet these goals. Instead, it is obvious that you want profitable revenue that doesn’t come at the cost of strong customer service.

Besides, in order to grow sales, free gift campaign is considered to be one of the best ones for ecommerce store. However, creating rules for a free gift campaign is quite difficult and gifts are not various. The difficulties make customers think that your store is not professional and their benefits are low in getting gifts to customers. These campaigns will contribute themselves to the decrease in number of customers and profit.

Improve these rules by using Magento Free Gift Pro by MageWorld to boost your giveaway campaign, especially free gift program. The Magento Module of our Magento development company offers flexible shopping and catalog cart rules which are various and suitable with customers’ demands and favorites such as catalog and shopping cart rules can be easily managed so the free product will be automatically added to the cart and the customer has the option of choosing a free product from the shopping cart.


Let’s review Free Gift Pro on Introduction Video

2. Use some traditional giveaway campaigns

Some giveaway campaigns do not support for store owners because they only use the traditional ways to give free gift for customers. It means that store owners meet the customers and give them gifts directly at the store. As a result, you waste the time and efforts. Don’t worry about this problem anymore by automating your free gift program with Magento Free Gift Pro-a Magento Extension.

Do you know nearly 90% of customers said they were “somewhat likely” to buy more frequently from an online store after getting a gift? Magento Extention gives you an edge by running marketing programs which offer customers free gifts when they purchase at your store. You can comfortably create multiple rules and automatically add free gift to the carts. A great idea for your product launching campaigns, right? Just give customers an amazing added-value and they won’t hesitate to return to your store!

3. Do not measure effects correctly

A successful giveaway campaign is able to not only automatically provide customers a variety of rules but also control all of the process from giving to receiving free gift as well as your store’s sales. Many online store owners do not understand why many products are sold and free gifts are given but their profit is still low. Don’t hesitate to choose a giveaway program helping you avoid this difficulty. We suggest that you should try to use new features of Magento Free Gift Pro to track and measure your giveaway campaign’s effect.


Like Magento Reward points Pro, Magento Free Gifft Pro can support your campaign by

  • New visual report that displays Order Value and Free Gift Value in a line chart
  • Statistics of total order value, total gift value, average gift value per customer, average gift value per Order are shown on table

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4. Inappropriate campaign duration

A strategic promotion campaign should not be too long because there are many added-factors in the process such as customers can feel the campaign boring or expenditure is too high. Therefore, decide on an appropriate duration to run the campaign. However, this is difficult and challenging. Your giveaway campaign should run as long as you can continue sending out messages or advertising it without beating up your readers and customers. That may be a day, a week, or several months.

Here’s a few examples:

Book tour giveaway – could run months, taking advantage of large crowds and hashtags

Christmas sale – 2- 3 weeks leading up to

Flash giveaways – 1-5 days, ideal for a single social channel and meant to achieve a sharp increase of engagement

Consider the buying cycle of your customer. If you know the length of time and the number of messages required to reach conversion, then you can apply that knowledge to flight planning your giveaway. And if you don’t, you need to get on that!

If you are Magento store owner, see some outstanding features of Magento Free Gift Pro because they reinforce your sales by limiting the free gift receiving time. Therefore, customers may feel that they should not hesitate but need to be quicker to get both product and free gift.

When you conduct giveaway campaigns such as free gift program, try to avoid some above mistakes. Don’t worry because you have Free Gift Pro.

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