Are you having troubles finding deals to attract customers? Other competitors are working hard to launch big promotion during busiest shopping season of the year, have you got any wonderful marketing tactics? This moment, Magento introduces the latest version of Magento Free Gift Pro extension – the best selling Magento extensions– with newly updated features that won’t let you down. Let‘s see how it is changed!

1. Sharing on social networks – Receive Free Gifts

Social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, G+ are indispensable for spreading your brand image. Not only it contributes to brand building, it is also a useful tool for ecommerce websites to boost sales. It might not be direct sales, but reviews, shares, likes on social networks by friends are what encourage purchases mostly.

By using Free Gift Pro version 3.5.0, store owner can enable/disable the features of sharing on social networks to receive Free Gifts. In this new version, store owner can set up conditions in gifting rules and enable the feature sharing on social networks. Both conditions must be met to receive the free gifts.

If you say good words about your products, people always have suspicion. However, if your products are shared on social networks by other people, their friends find it more convincing and encouraging to purchase. Don’t wait to have customers spread your brand.

2. Measure Free Gift campaign by visual report

Magento Free Gift Pro extension by MageWorld provides Magento stores with best functions to run a giveaway campaign effectively. Not only does Free Gift Pro support running program but it also help store owners to measure the campaign results in details. Store owners will find it easy to know the value of orders and value of free gifts offered during the promotion. From this result, they will have suitable adjustment for the next better promotion.

In details, Free Gift Pro allows showing order value and free gift value per day in line chart. This visual report is really easy to understand and convenient to manage.

Along with line chart, Free Gift Pro also provides store owners with detailed statistics, which is displayed next to the line chart. The statistics shows the total value, total gift value, average gift value per customer and average gift value per order within a period (which is chosen in “From” and “To” drop down by the admin).

Never before, running and managing giveaways campaign is so easy and convenient like that.

Discover how wonderful this newly updated version of Magento Free Gift Pro, now.

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