Average shopping cart abandonment rate is nearly 68% . How can you reduce it and increase conversion rate for your ecommerce store?

Magento One Step Checkout Pro reduces 6 standard checkout steps to just 1 page; and now it becomes more powerful with new features to strengthen user experience in version 3.4.2.

Check it out!

**For store owners

Allow to reset to default configuration

This new feature of Magento One Step Checkout allows you to reset all fields to default configuration. No more waiting, by clicking to only 1 button, you can reset all fields to default.

1. Select style theme (Flat/Classic) for checkout page

Flat design is one of the most popular trends for the last 2 years; One Step Checkout version 3.4.2 updated this. Your checkout page will look more modern with this new feature.

2. Allow to manage the content of Terms and Conditions 

You can manage the content of the terms and conditions on your site and display it on the checkout page. The size of the terms and conditions popup can be defined by the administrator.

This is especially useful for you if you own a multi-store magento and want to customize content of terms and condition for each.

3. Allow to set up a price for gift wrap service

In the Gift Wrap Fee field, you can setup a price of gift wrap service. If customer check Gift Wrap checkbox then gift wrap fee will be added and Grand Total will be updated. As store owners, if you include gift wrap service for your product, the features is very useful.

**For customers

4. Login quickly via Facebook on checkout page

This feature really reduces your customers’ effort to check out. Beside registering or checking out as a guest, now you customer can login faster via Facebook account.


These features are attractive right? If you want to know more about this magento extension, see more at magento one step checkout extension or Magento one page checkout extension.

Want to know how to install and use this extension, see its video tutorial.

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